front-end development & consulting

HTMLExperts is a young, fast growing front-end development consultancy with very experienced staff of client-side developers. Our vibrant staff of professional developers provide solutions for creating cross-platform Web&Mobile Apps, getting better front-end code, fixing bugs etc. HTMLExperts have an impressive ability to transform complex requirements and provide creative solutions of any kind. CSS classes and images are intuitively named to correspond to their behaviour / content. The code is well commented and correctly indented to correspond to the nesting level of each object.

Cross-Browser Support (IE 7+, Safari 3+, iOS Safari, Chrome 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10+)

On-site web development and consulting
Whether you have any delicate information that you don’t want to leave your office or you would like a face to face interaction with our front-end consultant, HTMLExperts is providing its services at your business location. Our clients have the option to invite our front-end developers at their office, it can be throughout the whole project or in individual cases like client-server side integration, bugs fixing or any other service suggested by our company.

Online services
If you have an urgent matter such as code errors, code implementation difficulties or any other issue, we can solve it in real-time. All you need to do is contact us by email , by skype or call us +972(0)544-425-378, describe the relevant problem and our team will be able to help you in short order. If it is an urgent task, just tell us and we'll try to help you immediately!

Training for your staff
In the fast evolving and constantly changing world of web applications and web development your staff should have the latest and most powerful tools to stand form in this industry, therefore HTMLExperts is offering training for your employees in such areas

If it an existing technology in a client-side web&mobile development, front-end development or UI development we know it, we use it. HTML, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, DHTML, XHTML, SVG, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery mobile, jQTouch, RIA technologies, Canvas, and more. Web Sites , Mobile Web, Facebook Apps and Mobile Applications is our specialization!
The Websites, Web Applications and Mobile Apps that we create are Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser compatible, a very important issue in nowadays when users are choosing from a variety of browsers and OS.

We build apps that compliment your brand and the mobile OS guidelines

- native mobile apps development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone;
- cross platform mobile apps development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone;
- HTML5 mobile web site development
- responsive design website development
- hybrid mobile apps development

Web & Mobile Development is our specialization!
Desktop monitors, tablets, smartphones... Fixed width development is no longer enough. Millions of computer machines & mobile devices - one response!
Responsive solution is perfectly adjust to multiple screen resolution options, landscape view and portrait view. Our HTMLExperts front-end developers will develop Responsive Layouts that can fit any device including Smartphones, iOS Tablets, Android Tablets, Laptops, and Desktop Monitors your client may use to visit your website.
With HTMLExperts front-end developers you don't need to develop several website / css files for each kind of screen resolutions! HTMLExperts provide Responsive Layout by html, JQuery and CSS media query that have Multiple Layout versions in one file, that make faster even Complex Web Appcomplex, Web Mobile Site or Mobile App.
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